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According to FBAH’s CEO, entities and professionals need to join forces to create a fairer and more dignified system for society

According to FBAH’s CEO, entities and professionals need to join forces to create a fairer and more dignified system for society

In an interview for the Medical Fair Brazil portal, Marcio Moreira stated that Public-Private Partnerships are the best option for expanding access to health care in the country

Expansion of access to health care in Brazil has been long-discussed and became more evident amid the new coronavirus pandemic. Public-Private Partnerships are becoming increasingly necessary in a crisis like the one we are currently facing, and according to experts, would enable the development of solutions with greater agility and efficiency.

“In my opinion, PPPs are the most feasible solution for our country. The need for PPPs becomes clear for us as we watch this unfortunate crisis unfold,” said Marcio Moreira, president of the Brazilian Federation of Hospital Administrators (FBAH, Federação Brasileira de Administradores Hospitalares).

Despite the chaos, the pandemic is teaching us many lessons, like the decisive implementation of telemedicine and teleservice, new ways of access to health care that will certainly be consolidated very soon.

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Moreira spoke exclusively to the Medical Fair Brasil portal and emphasized FBAH’s partnership with the trade fair, which he describes as a “new alternative for doing business”. Check out the full interview:

Medical Fair Brasil – What are the main challenges facing the Brazilian healthcare system today?

Marcio Moreira – Our healthcare system has undergone major transformations; however, the emergence of a virus that is affecting the entire world made 2020 a totally atypical year for the health care sector, whose major challenge became the discovery of the vaccine for COVID-19. This pandemic brings us to an unprecedented reality and, thus, everything that revolves around it deserves special attention.

We’re having to reinvent ourselves and quickly adapt to a virtual world that, in my opinion, we were still getting used to. Face-to-face events and meetings have been replaced with online meetings, webinars and lives... anyway, the pandemic brought drastic changes to our routines and even to the corporate world. Therefore, I believe that topics such as Telemedicine and Post-Pandemic Financial Recovery will be the subject of much discussion. It doesn’t mean that everything else that was being discussed will be put aside; but for a long time now, these will be the challenges to address in order to tackle the imminent economic chaos in this country.

Medical Fair Brasil – How can all players in this complex chain join forces to help the system overcome these modern obstacles?

Marcio Moreira – The motto 'Together We Are Stronger' is increasingly critical in this situation. I think all stakeholders of the healthcare industry, sectoral entities like FBAH and the professionals of the production chain do fight for a fairer and more dignified system for the Brazilian population. What we have to do is combine our efforts to implement what is feasible.

For example, gathering reliable statistical information so that it can be compiled and made more easily and quickly available to professionals, perhaps discussing and drafting propositions that can benefit all, among others. When I speak of joining forces, I also mean that it would be much better for us to get organized and plan the development of a Single Calendar of Health Events. It would be of great value.

Medical Fair Brasil – What’s the importance of discussing healthcare sustainability for the future of the country?

Marcio Moreira – Sustainability has become a “must” in any sector. In healthcare, it is no different. We have to propose solutions that involve all sectors – from the disposal of materials collected in examinations to disposal of construction debris and processing of hospital waste, among others. This issue may require substantial investments, but it also brings considerable cost reduction, not to mention the indispensable environmental benefits. The FBAH was one of the first entities to propose this debate during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (RIO+20), an international event held in June 2012, in Rio de Janeiro.

Medical Fair Brasil – The public health and the private health systems complement each other to care for more than 209 million Brazilians. Does the dialogue between these two sectors need to be expanded?

Marcio Moreira – In my opinion, PPPs are the most feasible solution for our country. Indeed, the need for PPPs becomes clear for us as we watch this unfortunate crisis unfold. In fact, if PPs were taken seriously, many issues during this pandemic would have been solved with greater speed and efficiency.

The FBAH has been promoting this debate with renowned speakers since the IV Latin American Congress of Health Administrators in 2008. We believe that this is a great opportunity for Medical Fair Brasil to foster the exchange of experiences among Health Managers, because the stories of success and failures will guide these urgent decisions that need to be made, and this experience will be the operational vaccine of the health system, both public and private.

Medical Fair Brasil – How can a trade fair like Medical Fair Brasil contribute to these improvements?

Marcio Moreira – Medical Fair Brasil brings in its luggage valuable experiences from Medica, the world’s largest healthcare trade fair. These experiences will give way to a new alternative for doing business. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected by the Internet, it creates more room for these possibilities; therefore, we are open to everything that adds to the table and can be shared. Hopefully our healthcare institutions will really benefit from this new fair. Besides, our proposal to disseminate knowledge – profusely, by the way – is suited to the needs of the healthcare chain, as we showcase the world’s best, most sophisticated and functional solutions that will promote increased access to health care and prevent us from reaching this breaking point ever again.

Medical Fair Brasil – What led the entity to support the first Brazilian edition of the largest health fair in the world?

Marcio Moreira – FBAH's premise is to be a participatory entity that brings value and is loyal to all. Therefore, the Medical Fair could not be left out. The empathy demonstrated towards the professionals in the organization and the respectful work delivered at all times, which I had the opportunity to experience first-hand, motivated us to embrace this great challenge and it makes me very proud of that. Count on FBAH in this first edition of Medical Fair Brazil and others to come.